Why Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been extended until 2022

The Manchester United legend has been extended for three seasons on the Red Devils’ bench, which could completely change the dynamics and style of Manchester united once and for all at Old Trafford!

The fact that the extension of Solskajer for three seasons, until 2022, is announced as something quite natural speaks volumes about the Solskajer effect at Manchester United .After José Mourinho’s pass, which ended badly earlier in the season, the Red Devils’ decision to call on their former striker seemed to be only temporary, the time for leaders including Vice President Ed Woodward to work on a long-term solution.

But in just a few months, the Norwegian has taken the job, clearly exceeding expectations (when he arrived, a place in the top four Premier League no longer appeared on the agenda for example). Having already experienced life at Old Trafford as a player, he knew that a lack of ambition could only lead to failure. He wants to make United again a great club, after five seasons in half-tone since the deposition of Alex Ferguson.

The results have been widely discussed, but it is the quality of delivery to Paris to overturn a 2-0 defeat at home to PSG certainly give leaders the confidence they held the man for the job. The way his team played was proof that Solskjaer is the right man at the right time. The Norwegian is clearly committed to Ferguson’s teachings, but that’s what the Reds need at this stage.

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