Sadio Mané a sign of providence for Liverpool!!

In recent weeks, the Reds were able to count on their Senegalese international to come out the big game side of Munich.

“Call me back at the end of the season and I will sing my own song on Sadio Mané if you wish!” In his usual style, with a broad smile that showed his satisfaction at having thwarted the predictions, Jürgen Klopp challenged the journalists present in the press room. For several months, the songs that highlight the players of the Reds flourish on the banks of the Mersey.After Virgil Van Dijk , also scorer Wednesday night, Sadio Mané could well have his own hit and it’s quite logical.

Having scored twice against Bayern in the eighth-final return of the Champions League , the Senegalese international has been one of the major architects of his team’s success against Bavarians without ideas. It was first he played Manuel Neuer in the first period, a feint well felt, to open the scoring in the empty goal.

While Bayern equalized thanks to a Matip counter-son-camp goal, the Reds led the proceedings and Van Dijk, with his powerful header, put his side back on track. Opportunistic late in the game, Sadio Mané took the opportunity to score the goal of the break, on an offering of Mohamed Salah.

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